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Diagnostics Research & Training in Zambia


Genomics research and training in southern Africa

HerpeZ is currently raising funds for the construction of our EVOLVE sequencing campus in Lusaka. The primary mission of EVOLVE is to bring the latest next generation sequencing technology to the heart of Southern Africa, and to to empower local scientists to undertake research projects that improve our understanding of the molecular epidemiology, transmission, drug resistance and diagnosis of killer infectious diseases.


Above: Oxford Nanopore minION sequencer powered through USB3 by high end 8GB RAM laptop

Right: Illumina MiniSeq


  • EVOLVE will initially establish itself supported by grants to implement specific infectious disease sequencing and genomics research projects.
  • Training and capacity development will be an integral part of all projects. 
  • After establishing the infrastructure and capacity, we will then look to form collaborative partnerships and provide sequencing services for other medical a veterinary research groups regionally.
  • We will also look to forge partnerships with the agricultural, environmental and conservation research sectors which are highly active in Southern Africa.
  • Revenue generation activities may also include he provision of forensic and litigation related sequencing services.


  • HerpeZ is recruiting the brightest biomedical science and computer science graduates.
  • All research grants won support research assistant (RA) positions.
  • RAs work with HerpeZ to build up their skills and knowledge base, and developing strong profiles that can compete for MSc and PhD scholarships.
  • Able candidates are permitted to study for their MSc at UNZA whilst under full employment at HerpeZ.
  • HerpeZ currently has students undertaking PhD training in the U.K, China and Singapore.


Research Gate links to Zambian scientists and clinicians who have worked with HerpeZ:  Mwila Kabwe, John Tembo, Dr Nyaxewo Mwaanza, Dr Kunda Musonda and Dr Nathan Kapata.


2500 square meters of land has been acquired for EVOLVE, in the Chamba Valley suburb of Lusaka, with excellent links to the University of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and the busy business district along the Great East Road.

munali road